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Low-Income Transit Fee Strategy

Why is affordable transportation important?

Affordable transportation is a necessity to participate in community life.

Did you know that Calgary has a Low Income Transit Pass program?

Calgary City Council approved the 2009-2011 business plan and budget that included “continued provision of the Universal Low Income Transit Pass”. Until Council approved the 2009-2011 business plan and budget, the Low Income Transit Pass Program was considered a “pilot” program, funded annually by Calgary Transit’s surplus dollars.

The support of Calgary Transit and Calgary City Council has enabled the continued provision of this important program. The 2013 Budget was agreed upon in November 2012, where the rate of the Low-Income Transit Pass was increased slightly to $44.00 per month, from $40.00 per month the previous year. Eligibility requirements changed however for the 2013 cycle in a few crucial ways.

1) The income limit has increased from 75% or LICO or below to 87.5% of LICO. There is a plan to increase this level to 100% of LICO during the 2014 budget deliberations.

2) Youth (6 – 17) may now received the subsidized bus pass if their parent(s) meet eligibility requirements. Prior to this implementation, children of low-income families were in fact paying more for their monthly bus pass than their parents. This change is in a pilot phase, but we encourage City Council to ensure a low-income transit pass for youth is made permanent.

3) Lastly, City Council is looking at significantly expanding acceptable proof of income, though this has yet to be passed. Currently, the narrow requirements of providing a Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment prevents hundreds of Calgarians from applying for, and receiving the Low-income Transit Pass.

We applaud City Council’s leadership and willingness to recognize the needs of low-income Calgarians and are encouraged that they ensure continued and improved access to affordable transportation.

How do you apply?

For more details on eligibility, applying for and using a Low-Income Transit Pass, visit the Calgary Transit site at